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Distracted While Looking at a Sunken Boat

Yesterday, while on a catching trip, we were near one of the novelty spots I have on Sam Rayburn so I asked my client if he wanted to see a sunken boat. To date, nobody has ever turned down the opportunity to see something cool on the side imaging so we idled that way. Little did I know we would graph over something better than an old boat...

My favorite thing to see when I am scanning is little moments frozen in time on the screen. You can clearly see in this image where we drove over a small school of predator fish wreaking havoc on a pod of shad.

You can make out the sunken boat on the left hand side of the screen. It isnt the best capture I have gotten but I will post several clear screen shots featuring this boat in the future. On this day, I was too busy being distracted by the action to care.

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